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.Town Center Animal Clinic offers a variety of in-house services for your pet's needs


A simple helpful way to find your lost pet.


Health Ceritficates

USDA accredited veterinarian to help with international, as well as, interstate health certificates


Drop-off Service

Busy schedule? We can help! Drop off your pet and pick them up later the same day.  Please call ahead to arrange your time and service needed. Drop off as early as 7:30 am!


We offer comprehensive dentistry, including dental cleanings and polishing, tooth extraction, gingival surgery and other oral procedures.

Digital Radiology and Ultrasound

State of the art digital x-ray machine with the ability to take high quality radiographs to help in the diagnosis of your pet's disease.

In-house Laboratory/Diagnostics

We offer a full service in-house laboratory to assist in obtaining a faster diagnosis of your sick pet. Services include chemistry, electrolytes, complete blood count, urinalysis, feline leukemia/FIV status, heartworm testing, intestinal parasite screening, ear and skin cytology, skin scraping, and fungal cultures. We also partner with a local outside lab for more specialized diagnostic testing if needed.

Wellness Exams

Routine, Preventative, and Geriatric

Scheduled appointment times between 8:30 and 5:30 pm



Canine and feline spay and neuter, dewclaw removal, tumor removal, biopsies, and soft tissue surgery 



We have the ability to monitor each patient's vital signs during anesthesia and surgery using modern monitoring and anesthesia equipment. Vital signs monitored include heart rate, respiration rate, EKG, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure.  In addition, we offer IV catheter and fluids on all of our patients during anesthesia and/or surgery.



Preventative canine and feline vaccinations tailored to each individual pet's needs.



Full-service pharmacy including medications, shampoos, supplements, prescription diets, and heartworm and flea/tick  preventatives


K-laser Therapy

This therapy can help with pain and inflammation and has a huge array of applications to expedite your dogs healing and comfort.


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